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Shake’s Caricatures are ready for more orders in 2020

Shake’s Caricatures has been providing caricature service for Singapore and worldwide customers for 9 years. Our online gift shop will be continue serving happy customers in the new decade.

For any occasions such as farewells, weddings, birthdays and etc. Please simply email us your request to get a free quote within 12 hours.


Happy New Year! 🙂

Gift Ideas of Farewell Caricature

Conveying and expressing your gratitude, wishes and appreciation towards the farewell of your boss, colleague, friends, and relatives can be done with a farewell caricature. Farewell may be the occasion where your colleague or boss is leaving from the company or your friend leaving the country for his or her higher studies or your relative leaving the country. So caricature is decided according to the person and the occasion.

Group caricature with someone’s farewell:


The customer wants, “6 of us on the Great Wall of China waving goodbye to the 1 leaving…Can make leaving person wears a chef top hat and a muscular body wearing singlet.  Can he also holds a pie or cake as he’s quite a baker.”


Client request: Farewell gift for the manger who moving back to California, US. Other colleagues may go visit her one day.


Client’s idea of her family farewell caricature: Golf background with parents wearing golf outfit or holding clubs etc.


Customer needs, “Background of a boss leaving a company (HPB logo),8 person heads with shoulder, 1 lead person with superhero body leaving.”

集體開心 沙灘游 JPED file heads only without background group with sig

Single caricature for your boss or colleague is leaving from the company/retirement…


Client introduce about her boss, “Caricature of our Boss. He is a great guy, marathon runner, drinks these awful green health drinks every morning, Can be in drawn in a suit ,but would love medals for his marathon wins around his neck with track shoes on.”

Jason©Shake's Caricature“Background wise, can we have a painter type design (I’d leave the creative thoughts to you).” — Jason (client)

Single Caricature Sample
A_Runner@Shake's CaricatureSingle_superwoman_boss_SingsaleSingle_Farewell@Shake's Caricature