Event Caricatures

On-site/live caricature entertainment is a great idea for your events!

Whether it’s your sister’s wedding party, your nephew’s 12th birthday party, your customer’s product launch event, or your company’s annual X’mas gathering, all it takes is your invitation to ShakesCaricature, your guest will remember the event for their life time!


We draw directly on a tablet with Photoshop. Guests can see the process through TV screen. A 4′x6′ size print goes home with them.

How is a live caricature created…

  • About 5 minutes drawing each guest with colour.
  • Instant printing is available for the guests to take the drawings home.
  • Customized background is prepared before the event.
  • Simply set up with a screen tablet, a laptop, a wireless printer.
  • Hire the artist by hours and we will cover all the costs for equipments and printing supplies.

Live Event Gallery:




mix f1jpg

Corporate Events Mix

Birthday Mix copy
Wedding Mix

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* Accept international order.

Make your next event a blast! Don’t hesitate to Get a Quote from shakescaricature@outlook.com, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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