Single Caricature

1. Caricature? What is it?

Caricature is a pictorial representation in which the subject’s distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated or distorted to produce a comic or grotesque effect.

2. What is digital drawing?

For our digital caricature, we draw and painted digitally with a Cintiq tablet made by Wacom. The Cintiq enables the artist to work naturally and intuitively drawing and painting directly on the surface of an LCD display. Our technique when painting digitally is very similar to the hand-drawn painting. We do not use any form of photo manipulation, the work that we create digitally is hand drawn and painted. Painting digitally has it’s advantages for both us and the customers. There is no fuss or time spent on scanning or color correcting. It is never a problem if changes need to be made. The best part about it is that the final result looks like a traditional painting. Often people confuse our digital painting with traditional one.

3. What can I do with a caricature?

Beside making perfect framable gifts they can be used for t-shirts, web sites, mugs, business cards, standee, wedding invitations etc. There are no limits. You can add loads of laughter to your events and parties by hiring a caricature artist. Your guests will leave with a hardcopy memory of the night.

4. I want to get a caricature done from photo(s). Can you do that? 

Yes! Easy.

  1. Write an email outlining the theme, elements and other specs about how you like to have the caricature drawn.
  2. Attach the photos of the person(s) to this email. High resolution photos please. We need to see the eyelids.
  3. Add your contact info such as phone and alternate email address in the body of the email
  4. Send this email to Shakescaricature@gmail.com
  5. The artist will get in touch with you and start the draft
  6. The artist will send you the draft, you reply to the email with your feedback and list of changes. We revise and send it to you. We repeat this until you are happy with the result.
  7. The artwork is inked, painted and if desired digitized. It will be sent to you right away.

5. How many caricatures can you draw in an hour at a live event?

10 to 12 face and shoulder (color)

14 to 16 face and shoulder (black & white)

6. Do you travel?

Yes we do. We also offer our on-site services anywhere in Asia, such as Singapore, HongKong, China, Malaysia, Middle East, Dubai and Australia. When you book a caricaturist, we will provide a local artist work with you first. We also can send our chief of caricaturist fly to anywhere in Asia.

7. Do you deliver? 

Yes. Postal and Courier delivery service is available for all caricatures. Capital city orders will be direct couriered. International delivery is also available- please allow an extra 5 working days for international orders.

8. What’s the payment terms?