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Shake’s Caricatures are ready for more orders in 2020

Shake’s Caricatures has been providing caricature service for Singapore and worldwide customers for 9 years. Our online gift shop will be continue serving happy customers in the new decade.

For any occasions such as farewells, weddings, birthdays and etc. Please simply email us your request to get a free quote within 12 hours.

–> ShakesCaricature@outlook.com

Happy New Year! 🙂

A Smile A Day 28/365: Singapore Caricature of Little Pharrell and the Kitty

It’s always a challenge to draw pets and kids when I was doing live caricature in Fisherman’s Wharf as they couldn’t be patient enough to sit still even for 5 minutes. I learned and practiced to capture their face expression with just one glance, actually there are a lot of fun when the result turns out good.

Apparently drawing them from a picture would be a perfect way, I enjoyed drawing this cute little kid Pharrell and his good friend! =)

A Smile A Day: #9 The Birthday Girl Sharon

Last night while we were listening to a live band in an outdoor bar, people were saying “happy birthday” to Sharon. I decided to draw her a picture as her birthday gift since we both called “Sharon”. 🙂