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Caricature of Freya Lim 林凡

I was really glad to attend Freya’s first ticketed solo concert in Taiwan, and so much thanks for her introducing me to her fans!! Great voice, great artist Freya 林凡

Freya Lim, is a Taiwan-born Malaysian Mandopop singer and Radio Deejay. She’s the one who contributed to a Taiwanese drama The Fierce Wife‘s soundtrack. (犀利人妻)

Thanks Freya for sharing the drawing on her FaceBook fan page, here is what she said….

“Sharon from Singapore is a caricaturist and she drew me this awesome picture for my very first concert! Thank you so much Sharon! Hope to see you in Singapore 🙂 See her works at https://shakescaricatures.com/

Thanks to all my dear fans for the encouragement and support,without you guys my concert would not even be happening and would be incomplete…..


也想再次謝謝所有的親愛的歌迷朋友的支持,你們對我的鼓勵無比的重要!沒有你們我的演唱會也辦不成,也不完整!我們一起期待下一站好嗎!!? “

A Smile A Day 25/365: Caricature of a Talented Singer Kevin Wu

Kevin (吳海文) is a very talented singer in Taiwan, he’s also a song writer and guitarist. He has won many singing contests in the past few years in San Francisco. In 2010, he was well known from a Taiwan TV show “Supper Idol”. We as some of his friends in San Francisco are so proud of his great talent. Love his great voice! Here is one of his songs that I love –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWG4tmYLJZU  You can also follow him on Facebook