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A Smile A Day 29/365: Caricature of Katherine in Singapore

Today I tried to use different technique while coloring the picture by using the basic hard and soft round brushes along with the #24 brush in Photoshop to give it more brush strokes over the background.

Thanks Katherine being my model today! =)

A Smile A Day: #4 A Cute Girl From Malaysia

A quick sketch for a Malaysia girl, Mei whom I met in a food court at Bedok Point. She’s very friendly allowing me to take a picture of her and do the drawing. I drew her playing badminton as she told me that’s her favorite activities after work.

A Smile A Day: #3 Happy Father’s Day!

ImageMy Dad, not a man of many words but a man with good advice, help and support. I know he won’t’ read this as he has no idea on how the internet works. I still want to  say “Happy Father’s Day!” and of course mail him this drawing as well.


A Smile A Day: #2

Kim, my flatmate in Singapore is a very caring Korean girl.
I was so impressed by her cooking skill.
I hope to learn to cook some Korean food from her 🙂

Me: “What makes you happy?”
Kim: “When my husband and family feel happy then I am happy…haha”