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Wedding Caricatures

Custom wedding caricatures make great gifts and ideal for wedding invitations, wedding sign-in boards etc.  You could think of any ideas or themes that recall your love story or something makes you smile, the caricature artist Sharon will explore her creativity to deliver the best service. 

If you would like to order the wedding caricature, please request a quote from Sharon through ShakesCaricature@outlook.com,

Phone: +65 9715 7657 (WhatsApp available)
* Place order via email is preferred. 🙂

Customise Your Own Red Pocket This Year

Customise your own red pocket for this Chinese New year by 3 easy steps:
1: email your photo to shakescaricature@gmail.com to get a quote.
2: receive the drawing (high resolution soft copy) within 7 business days.
3: send to your local store for printing on blank red envelop.


For Jiahui (God Fortune)

Live Caricature at Arvin’s Birthday Party

Thanks Ros family for inviting me to their son’s birthday party doing digital caricatures on the spot. It was an awesome party! If you had me drawn you at the night, please download your soft copy below. It can be your special facebook/avatar profile picture .

Live Digital Caricature for Land Transport Authority

2.5 hours non-stop drawing before the annual dinner started for the staffs at Land Transport Authority. I was managed to set up my equipments at a conference room. The staffs queued up by sitting around the room and made jokes on each other’s drawing, I had a lot of fun drawing a group of humorous people at the day.

Mix4Mix3 Mix1MIx2

If you have been drawn by Sharon during the event, please download your soft copies by enlarging the below images! Thank you! 🙂

Facebook Page:

On-Site Caricature Service at Lovelle’s Baby Shower

Drawing caricature step by step:step by step

Macy’s family drawing before the event:


Please enlarge the below images and download your soft copies.

If you enjoy your drawing, please give me a “like” on my Facebook page.  Thank you! 🙂

Special thanks to the mother Macy for inviting me to the lovely party!

A Smile A Day 16/365: Jason Mraz in Singapore

I drew this caricature for Jason after attending his “Tour is A Four Letter Words” amazing concert in Singapore.  He encouraged the crowd to “keep on loving the way you loved me tonight”.

“When the people we love break down and fall down, when they go bat-s**t crazy when they forget their greatness, it’s up to you to love them back into the person you know them to be,”

What a great reminder to treat each other right! He’s AWESOME!

Live Digital Caricature Drawing for Bettalife 10th Year Anniversary and Christmas Charity Ball 2012

Saturday, 8th December 2012.

It’s a great experience providing my live digital caricature for 5 hours with the screen projector showing the whole process of drawing in M Hotel Singapore. I’ve took a few nice photos over the night. The guests who had the sketches done at the event, please click on the above images and download your soft copies. Thank you!

photo 5photo 7mix3 mix2 mix1 mix4Special thanks to Bettalife for the invite by Helen and Patrick! 

Live Digital Caricature at a Surprise Birthday Party for the World Champion in Muay Thai

Saturday, 13th October 2012

Celine, who’s the one invited me to provide the cheerful caricature service for  Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn at Evolve MMA. I arrived the venue half hour earlier as usual and started setting up at a corner. Until 3:30pm, Celine and her friends were ready to give him a SURPRISE.

Then.. it’s party time! The guests started queuing up to have their caricature done. Here are some drawings that I’ve done for the day. If you are the one in the drawing, please click to enlarge and download your soft copy bellow. And if you enjoy the live caricature experience, please also give me a Like on my Facebook Page! Thanks a lot! 🙂

I really enjoyed the party with all the great people around. Finally got a chance to take pictures with the birthday guy NSN (top right cover) and Celine (top right bottom).
photo mix 1
photo mix 3
photo mix 2

Thanks the photographer of the day! Too bad that I only have a burry picture of him…