Live Drawing in Fisherman’s Wharf by Singapore Caricature Artist Sharon Tang

Here are some of the sketches from the past few months…
These are the live drawings I did in San Francisco.
It only takes 5 minutes for each person to get a sketch done.
They are such nice souvenirs for tourists!
Especially couples love being drawn as their specialgifts in the special days.
 My friend Steven brought his other 2 friends to visit me 
in the wharf on a sunny weekend.
This kid was very exciting about his drawing,
he wanted to be a spider man. 
Sweet couples were holding their best souvenirs 
of San Francisco with great smiles. 🙂

Kids don’t have to sit still, I am able to catch
their expression by a glance. 
It was a big project from a local client. She provided the big mat paper
and wanted me to draw 4 of her friends with their favorite activities.

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