Live Caricature for American Association of Singapore by the Caricature Artist Sharon Tang

Welcome Back Celebration, 2nd Sep. 2012

It was a great event on Sunday afternoon at Singapore Flyer, O’Leary Sports Bar & Grill.

Please click the images below to enlarge and download your sketch.
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According to the theme of the event, I’ve prepared the background and this fun board in advance. The guests had fun playing with that while waiting to be drawn.

background!!  IMG_6475

Finish setting up everything, it was kind of hard to see the image from the tablet screen because of the outdoor lighting. So I switched the view screen back to the laptop, then problem solved.


He’s my favorite model of the day! 🙂 And he enjoyed the sketch so much.

IMG_6486  IMG_6470

More drawings for the guests…
IMG_6474 IMG_6464

IMG_6459 IMG_6460

IMG_6458 IMG_6468

IMG_6457 IMG_6456

I really enjoyed the event and had spend 3 hours non-stop drawing the guests. Thanks Sally in AAS for helping me out arranging the guests line. 🙂

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